3 things you can do to be a fit stay-at-home mum

HOW to be a fit stay-at-home mum

Women are blessed to carry and birth the life that keeps our world moving. There is both love and sacrifice in the journey and whether it’s our first or fourth baby – it’s always a big deal.  This article is for anyone with ‘mini-me’ responsibilities and a desire to be a fit stay-at-home mum.

1.    Stay connected with other stay-at-home mums

In every situation, it is important to remember we are not alone. Speak with your partner, friends, family, or see your doctor get the support your need. Join a mother’s group or find social events that bring you joy and exposure to other people.

Take a look at the list below for ideas on how to connect and engage with others: 

·      Mum and bub boot camps

·      Virtual baking classes

·      Book club

·      Mothers groups 

·      Speaking with your nurse

·      Scheduling facetime calls with long distance loved ones 

·      Scheduling times to speak with your partner 

·      Knitting or crochet groups 

·      Pottery classes 

·      Swimming lessons or baby development activities that both mums and bubs can do together 

·      Play board games, read books or mindful activities that bring you peace in concentration 

·      Meditate before sleep 

HOW to be a fit stay-at-home mum

Mental fitness is as important as physical fitness. When we care for our minds, we care for our bodies which gives us the opportunity to love even more.  

2.    Diet and exercise 

Of course, we are keen to get our pre-baby bods back but let’s not forget good things take time. We just carried a baby for nine months, a couple of weeks to ensure a safe return to training won’t hurt. It is good to focus and have small goals so start with sleep, fruit and veggies. Don’t worry if housework isn’t at the standard it once was, a healthy mind and diet will allow healthy choices and activities to follow. 

There are a number of benefits from a proactive diet and exercise such as a boost in energy and mood, improving our cardiovascular fitness and restoring core muscle strength. Post-natal depression and stress can impact many mums, it is important that we stay connected and make positive food choices and when it is safe to return, bring back exercise into our routine.

Take a look below for some suggestions: 

·      Limit coffee and sugary treats, replace them with tea and fruit or veggies

·      Let bubba sleep in the pram and go for a brisk walk or sit outdoors for a little quiet time 

·      Try bridges, pelvic tilts, wall squats and push-ups (its ok to start on your knees!) 

·      Meal prep and freeze food so you have something ready on the tough days 

·      Accept meal offers from friends and family 

·      Have vegetable sticks, cut fruit, yogurt and hummus or other healthy bites to snack on throughout the day 

·      Shop online if time is limited or you’re just having a big day 

·      Arrange time to walk with friends and babies so the kids can scream together if needed 

Our bodies are designed to move. To move they require fuel so making healthy choices and being smart in their preparation will always be worth your effort. 

to be fit stay at home mum
HOW to be a fit stay-at-home mum

3.    Breathe

Sometimes we are just plainly and simply, overwhelmed. In these moments, all we can do is breathe. Controlling our breathing reduces stress, boosts our immune systems, and can increase your alertness. Slowing your breath promotes a feeling of calm. It will allow you time to re-set yourself and bring the focus back to what you have in front of you. 

It is always ok to take a moment for yourself and these three simple tips will help you in starting your journey as a fit stay-at-home mum. Don’t be limited by these words on paper. Define what being ‘fit’ means to you and pave your way there. This may come from a personal trainer, your friends, family, baby, or your very own desires.